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Building trust is always the first order of business for Collaborative Design Small Business Solutions.  First we take the time to get to know prospective clients, their current state of business and future goals.  Then we review our commitment to confidentiality and security.  Lastly we offer a variety of way we can help.  There is no high pressure sales pitch or obligation.

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In-Person Assistance

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Collaborative Design Small Business Solutions believes that the way a physical workspace is laid out effects a person's productivity.  We will clear the clutter, clean up the mess, bring calm to the chaos...whatever it is the client wants and needs.  

From implementing filing systems to complete office renovation and everything and anything in between...we can help!

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Virtual Assistance

Digital Workspace
Organization & Support

Technology has the ability to make your business operate more efficiently, but you have neither the time nor the interest to figure out your options.  Collaborative Design Small Business Solutions can not only get you up to speed, but assist with implementation and integration.  In addition, we offer a full range of VA Administrative Services:

  • Customer Service & Support

  • Calendar Management

  • Customer Database Management

  • Document Formatting